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January 2021

Dear current and future friends of the Full Moon Inn,

As we embark on another lockdown, I wanted to share with you some highlights of our first year at the FMI and plans for the future. Firstly though on behalf of Kate, John, Eve and myself, we hope everyone is staying safe and well and looking forward to a life more normal.

Our journey started with a lovely and lively Christmas and New Year in 2019, an opportunity to meet the community and enjoy the cosy charm of what we affectionately refer to as the FMI Old Bar (the one with the fireplace and low ceiling). Yes the toilets were scruffy and cold and the kitchen barely functional, but the Butcombe and pretty gins flowed and people and dogs were happy.

We were just planning the first stages of renovations and wondering how to do it all without closing the pub when, unfortunately a virus and not a beer called Corona made the decision for us and we went into our first lockdown on March 23. Just in time scaffolding was secured and the job of repairing the Old Bar roof started. The next few months I was back in Dubai without a means to visit, and Kate and John set about planning for a more socially-distanced bar, by renovating the old events room (yes the one with the immortal axminster in it!). The vegetable garden came into its own, thanks to the donation of plants and manure from neighbours, the roof was re-built, drains were re-laid, chimneys re-organised and on July 4 (my birthday!) we reopened in the now renamed “Garden Bar” with socially distanced tables and a wood fired pizza oven.

We felt sort of like a real pub during the summer, cooking pizzas and sanitising a lot until closure #2 on November 5. However we managed to get our new pub sign up and deal with an underworld of a drainage system that we hope is now tamed. We then accelerated our way through the November closure to get the new kitchen and cellar online and the toilets renovated for Christmas 2020. In case you didn’t manage to experience them before they were shut away, trust me, they are much much warmer and posher. We also put up a lovely Christmas tree and enjoyed socially distanced carol singing with some mulled wine and Kate’s famous mince pies. Ahh! it felt quite festive for a brief moment. We just about managed to open on Christmas Eve, wore our christmas sweaters and had a few drinks on Christmas Day and were then shut down again!

New year was the first one I’ve ever spent in my bedroom and not my dancing slippers. So here is where we are today, January 5th and the eve of another serious lockdown this time. But, with a vaccine in roll-out, a life more normal is hopefully within sight.

It’s been an interesting year and not what we had imagined; it’s definitely a lot more fun actually meeting and serving people and feeling like a real part of the community. So, we have started breakfast baps and afternoon teas and take-out dinners at the weekend. We promise to be pretty active until we can re-open, with a variety of menus and the pizza oven may even make an occasional appearance. Please stay close, we truly appreciate your support. Visit our menu page, instagram or facebook to find out what’s going on and we hope to see you soon!