View of Full Moon Inn

The Full Moon Inn is currently in lockdown but is serving takeaway breakfasts and dinners at the weekends

NEW!  Spring 2021 menu now available for pre-orders.  This week we have put together a menu featuring all of your favorite dishes from the past few weeks and way back when – in March 2020, when we first started doing take-away food.  Our breakfast baps and afternoon cakes are also available (no pre-order necessary) on Saturdays and Sundays.  When we say home-made, we really mean it, we like to know exactly what’s gone into every meal we make and we source local premium ingredients.  Everything is home-made – everything!  from the brioche buns to the tangy relish and tartar sauce.   We also hand-cut and double fry our chips and batter our own onion rings.  Gluten free bread also available. 

Takeaway pre-orders


Full Moon Inn News – The infamous Axminster carpet is finally bidding farewell to the world on March 2nd, and we won’t be sad to see it go.  It has hung on throughout the pandemic due to delays in the new carpet manufacture – but it is finally out of here!  We look forward to welcoming everyone to the pub as soon as we are allowed to re-open, and can show off the new carpet and – yes, newly renovated (and warm and clean) toilets too!  

Take-Away Collection Times
Friday 5-8pm for main meal collections

8:30 – 3pm for breakfast baps (until 11:30), homemade cakes and coffee

5-8pm for main meal collections


8:30 – 3pm for breakfast baps (until 11:30), homemade cakes and coffee